The Clockmaker’s Daughter – In Concert

Fra Fee (The Ferryman) and Christine Allado (Hamilton) are joined on stage by Wendi Peters (Coronation Street) to perform the acclaimed new British musical, The Clockmaker’s Daughter.

Set in the fictional time of Spindlewood, The Clockmaker’s Daughter is a musical fairy tale built around themes of prejudice, discrimination, animosity and fear of the unknown. Like most towns of age, Spindlewood has its traditions. But no practice, custom or old wives’ warning is so firmly adhered to as ‘The Turning of the Key’.

Purchase your tickets to this must-see performance here.


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salt., Royal Court Theatre Sloane Square


Book your tickets to see ‘salt.’, a reflection on Black British identity.

A journey to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In February 2016, two artists got on a cargo shop and retraced one of the routes of the Transatlantic Slave Triangle – from the UK to Ghana to Jamaica, and back. In order to go forwards, they had to go backwards; their memories, their questions and their grief took them along the bottom of the Atlantic and through a realm of an imaginary past.

This award winning production focusses on grief, home, afropressism, the Black Atlantic, the forgetting of the UK’s colonial history and the impact that has on the daily life of Caribbean communities in the UK today.

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Heroes of the Skies

Join the Syd Lawrence Orchestra as they mark the centenary of the RAF Benevolent Fund and Chris Dean as he directs the magnificent men and women of the Orchestra in tribute to members of the RAF, both past and present.

In addition to leading the phenomenal 18-piece orchestra, Chris is also featured on the trombone and vocals, and is joined by fellow singer Sarah Eyden. Get set for a fantastic evening which includes music such as Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer, The Dam Busters Theme as well as a huge selection of Big Band favourites and thematic film clips.

For more info and to book your tickets, visit here.


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Joy Rose at 606 Club

If you’re in the know, you’ll know – and you’ll know who Joy Rose. Her remarkable vocal talents have resulted in performances with Sting, Bluey (Incognito) and Jason Rebello (Jeff Beck). With her formidable vocal range and power, she produces tracks which she describes as “a fusion of jazz, soul and gospel”.

Now on tour and recording with Incognito, her performances have become much more exclusive and this rare evening on 7 April at Chelsea’s jazz club, 606, features Lex Cameron (keyboards), Bobby Quigley (guitar), Chris Dodd (bass) and Sam Agard (drums).

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Richard Douglas Productions presents Kit & McConnel

Get excited for a riotous evening on 12 September at The Pheasantree for freshly-minted cabaret songs, improvisation and all-round silliness.

Join Kit Hesketh-Harvey (known for the past 30 years as a singer/songwriter of Kit & The widow, ‘Just a Minute’ veteran and co-producer on the first ever BBC Comedy Proms at the Royal Albert Hall) and James McConnel (fellow Sondheim pupil and love child of Hugh Grant and Prince Andrew) for a performance of newly minted of original songs which are truly hilarious and moving. The will explore contemporary events, local scandals and the extraordinary vagaries of the human heart.

Further information can be found and tickets purchased here.


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The latest play to land at the Royal Court in Sloane Square is Rory Mullarkey’s new play which asks whether things are really getting worse, and if we care.


A normal day. A person stands in the market square watching the world go by.

There’s ice cream. Sunshine. Shops. Some dogs. A wedding. Bombs. Candles. Blood. Lightning. Sandwiches. Snipers. Looting. Gunshots. Babies. Actors. Famine. Fountains. Statues. Atrocities. And tanks. (Probably).

Tickets are from £12, book yours here.


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Once Upon a Time

The Red Star Theatre Arts return to the Chelsea Theatre with an wonderful, family-friendly, performance of ‘Once Upon a Time’ on 8 July.

Follow the journey of Joseph Bricklehurst, a boy with a wild imagination as he’s joined by an all star cast of characters. Joe and Matilda get whisked away to far off lands by the mischievous Cat in the Hat in this charming collection of musicals.

Performances will be at 11am and 4pm at £14 an adult and £10 per child. Book yours here.


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Luna Cohen at 606 Club

Luna Cohen’s Brazillian Jazz Night

If Jazz music is a favourite of yours, then head to 606 club for a night of Brazilian Jazz with Luna Cohen.

On 20 June, Luna, who was originally from Belo Horizonte in Brazil, will be on stage for one evening only. She moved to London in 2014 to broaden her artistic horizons which has been nothing but a benefit to the London music scene.

She has already recorded three albums under her own name with her debut album ‘Estrada do sol’ winning the 2013 Enderrock award for Best New Jazz Album so this is sure to be a spellbinding evening showcasing her classic and smooth but powerful voice.

For a sample of her talent, watch here.


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30 Years at Lots Road Festival

This May, 606 Club is hosting a festival to celebrate 30 years spent at their Lots Road destination.

The festival will consist of 12 days of fantastic music presented by over 30 bands who are long standing friends of the club which has been going for well over 30 years now as well as a special performance from Jamie Cullum.


Wednesday 16 May, 8.30pm – Peter Rubie/John Etheridge with Lily Dior/Glow Quartet

Thursday 17 May, 8.30pm – Hamish Stewart’s 10 piece band

Friday 18 May, 9.30pm – Natalie Williams, Beverley Skeete, Tony O’Malley

Saturday 19 May, 9.30pm – Giacomo Smith, Alex Garnett, James Davison

Sunday 20 May

1.30pm – Noel McCalla, 606 Gospel Group with Special Guest: Sarah Teiob

8.30pm – Ian Shaw, Polly Gibbons, Liane Carroll

Monday 21 May, 8.30pm – The Crate Diggers, Paul Stacey

Tuesday 22 May, 8.30pm – 606 Club Special, Jamie Cullum

Wednesday 23 May, 8.30pm – Basho Music Night: Gwilym Simcock, The Printmakers

Thursday 24 May, 8.30pm – Anoushka Lewis, Tim & Hattie Whitehead, Gwyneth Herbet

Friday 25 May, 9.30pm – Mary Pearce, Vanessa Haynes, Imaani

Saturday 26 May, 9.30pm – Clark Tracey, Jaqui Dankworth, Mornington Lockett & Peter King

Sunday 27 May

1.30pm – Rachel Sutton with Special Guests, Alice Zawadzki

8.30pm – Claire Martin & Jim Mullen, Rachael Calladine, Samara ft. Liliana Chachian

Book your tickets here!



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The Gift

‘The Gift’ will be on stage at the Chelsea Theatre this April and is sure to give you a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Critics have described Edward Dermontford as one of the ‘most widely respected and sublimely gifted actors of his generation’ whilst friends have admired him as a ‘spectacular and exemplary gentleman’. His phenomenal career as an actor has earned him countless accolades including an Academy Award win for ‘Fresh Young Actor’. 30 years in the industry, Edward proclaims his conquering of the acting world, following a second Academy Award nomination which means it’s time to party!

In the audience, you will join Edward and some of his friends during their evening’s celebrations following his nomination. Drinks are flowing, scandal is spread and attitudes are questioned as Hollywood producers, distinguished directors, silver-screen beauties reflect upon his life and seemingly unstoppable career. The evening however takes a turn for the unexpected; will it prove Edward to be the idol he appears or will the night expose painful realities he thought long extinguished? Will this seemingly intimate and pleasant gathering uncover the cost of success and ambition?

Book your tickets here to see the action unfold in this exciting performance.


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