Iain Faulkner: A solitary man

Acclaimed painter, Iain Faulkner showcases his work at the Albermarle Gallery this autumn with an investigation into the expressive potential of the solitary male figure.

At first glance, the poses of the subjects merely depict the everyday, almost the mundane. The subject is caught at the point of rest, gazing out across the land, or city-scape, possibly looking at his shoes or maybe nursing a whiskey glass. Very rarely do we see his face and instead view the world over his shoulder, seeing what he sees. All the while, he remains elusive.

The subject is in fact the artist – this is an exhibition of self-portraits. Surprisingly though, these are not self-examining works – instead he positions himself as a witness at hand to record events.

This must-see exhibition chimes well with the uncertain times we find ourselves in. Find out more here.


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