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Matcha And Beyond

191 King's Road



Created by Olivia Nottin, Matcha And Beyond on the King’s Road will be the place for all Matcha and wellness lovers; offering speciality coffee, infusions and healthy bites made of high quality ingredients.

Enjoy the very best Matcha coming from the Uji region in the southern outskirts of Kyoto. The menu will reflect that of a traditional coffee shop where they can order their favourite Matcha drink in the same way they would as a coffee. The café will also respect the tradition of enjoying a sweet treat before a small bowl of Matcha tea. Sweet treats with a modern twist, signature Matcha bites, coffee shop favourites, gluten free, dairy free and vegan treats will be available as well delicious breakfast pots and salad bowls at lunchtime to enjoy both in the café as well as to take-away.

Opening October 2018.