Violante Nessi – Pop-Up

Violante Nessi, the Italian womenswear brand have landed on Ellis Street, for this winter only. The eponymous fashion designer seeks to celebrate the values of true Italian fashion and rediscover elegance in her designs, designing for women who are proud of their femininity and passionate about life itself.

Throughout November and December, they will be hosting a number of exciting events perfect for your diaries:

Violante Nessi & Raw Press Cocktails: 22 November, 5-9pm, hosted by Bianca Luna (from & Annabel Maldomado (Business of Fashion)

Violante Nessi Christmas Cocktails partnered with Truffle Italia, The Good Life Eatery and SELEC.TO, 27 November, 5-8pm, hosted by Violante Nessi

Violante Nessi Party Collection presentation, 1 December 10am – 7pm, hosted by Violante Nessi

Violante Nessi & Cipriano Cocktail, 13 December 10am-9pm, hosted by Olivia Innocenti-Buckley and Olivia Buckingham

Violante Nessi Holiday Cocktail, 20 December 5-9pm, hosted by Violante Nessi

Visit 4 Ellis Street, the first Violante Nessi boutique, for womenswear embodying pure elegance and made of impeccable quality.


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