Chelsea Awards

Chelsea is blessed to enjoy some of the best shops, restaurants and cultural experiences in London and across the globe. These experiences don’t come without someone or a whole team putting in the effort, often unearthed behind the scenes who make it a wonderful place to work, live or visit. It is now time to nominate your heroes; to honour the hard work and creativity that goes into making Chelsea a world-class destination. To celebrate these people, teams and organisations, the awards will be presented at an event in October 2019 at the Saatchi Gallery, a world-renowned cultural institution.

To ensure the awards reflect the local opinion, we are actively seeking entries and nominations from everyone in the community. The eventual winners will be decided from all the entries by a panel of six independent judges representing different parts of the community who are recognised for their success, expertise and knowledge of Chelsea.

The Categories

Only in Chelsea – a business that brings something unique to the area

Community hero – an organisation or person that has benefitted the community through their actions

Cultural champion – an organisation or person that has enriched Chelsea’s culture

In good taste – someone who has made Chelsea delicious

Community Collaboration – businesses who have joined forces for the greater good

Masters of Craft – an Artisan who elevates the everyday to the extraoridinary

Future Forward – a company innovating to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Vote for your favourites here. Voting closes on 31 August 2019.

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