Ugly Butterfly to open on the King’s Road

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Ugly Butterfly to open on the King’s Road

55 King's Road



The latest arrival on the King’s Road will enable you to indulge and do your bit for the planet at the same time. This November, Adam Handling will open Ugly Butterfly; a sustainable casual restaurant and sustainability conversation hub at 55 King’s Road.

Making zero-waste luxurious, Ugly Butterfly will make chicken feet and banana peel glamorous as the dishes are created from ingredients usually thrown out. The collaboration between award-winning chef Adam Handling, Cadogan, Quintessentially Foundation and The Felix Project will open on 13 November.

Open for walk-in diners from lunch until late evenings from Wednesday to Sunday, enjoy a delicious menu of snacks and small plates alongside a Champagne list (by the glass) from the region’s top wine makers. All dishes will be made from the parts of ingredients that are usually discarded, most of which coming from Adam Handling Chelsea, with an emphasis on the four most wasted foods; bread, milk, eggs and bananas. Adam has created some daring dishes which he hopes will inspire you to think more carefully before you throw away your leftovers; deboned crispy fried chicken feet with caviar; Adam Handling’s iconic cheese doughnuts made with leftovers from the cheeseboard; banana bread and chicken butter; lobster shell soup; broccoli stalk Ceasar salad, retired dairy cow tartare and crispy potato peelings and reformed doughnuts (made from leftover bread) and overripe fruit jam.

As well as a great place to eat and drink, it is set to become a hub for business and community sustainability hub with pioneers in sustainable food and drink, restaurants, fashion, technology, and art and craft, holding free conversations and experiences for drop-in diners twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 7pm.

Visit the website here to find out more information.