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Kiki McDonough, jewellery designer

Famous for striking coloured gemstones and wearable designs, Kiki McDonough has become one of the most desirable British jewellery brands in the luxury sector.

I have lived here all my life - it is forever changing but I have always felt I belong.

Describe your perfect weekend: 

Having a lie-in reading the papers which are delivered in the morning, followed by breakfast in Battersea Square. Then head to the Farmers Market either in Duke Of York square or Pimlico. A couple of long walks twice round Battersea Park, dinner with friends and then Sunday lunch with my mother and two sons.

Which 3 words would you use to describe Chelsea?

I have lived here all my life – it is forever changing but I have always felt I belong.

Therefore I would say Chelsea is familiar, homely and friendly.

What is your earliest local memory?

Peter Sellars lived opposite us, and I distinctly remember him leaving his Rolls Royce on the road with the keys in the ignition and a note for Joe the milk man, asking Joe to park it for him!

Favourite shops?

The Food Shop of Manicomio, Jaegars the butchers for game, Trilogy for jeans and Paul Ka.

Best place to relax?

Sarah Chapman for facials or Grace Belgravia for pure relaxation!

Best place to have fun?

I have so many local friends, and we all do lots of entertaining. The most fun nights are usually at one of their houses, where we have lots of fun!

Best meal?

Manicomio in Duke Of York square – they do the best fresh Italian food.

Favourite pub?

I don’t really go to pubs, but if I did it would be The Builders Arms.

Is there a local hero you’d like to mention?

My Mother, who is 91 and still works for me. She has lived in Chelsea all her life. The few old shops that remain here all know her by name!

Any local secrets/gems?

A fantastic shoe-menders on Elysian Street.

Favourite Chelsea story/anecdote?

Again, Joe the milkman! All the children, including me, used to ride on the cart while he carried out his milk run!

The local ‘thing’ that makes you smile?!

Sloane Square at Christmas.