Fraser Carruthers, Partner, Albert’s Club

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Fraser Carruthers, Partner, Albert’s Club

Fraser Carruthers has a string of wildly successful bar and club openings on his CV, including Mahiki and Raffles, and has brought all of that experience to Albert's, a private members' club that promises a fun night out with a healthy side order of sophistication.

Describe your perfect weekend in Chelsea

My perfect weekend would be outside of the hustle and bustle of London, great people, great food and great weather!

Which three words would you use to describe Chelsea?

Elegant, beautiful, home.

What is your earliest local memory?

It would probably involve stumbling out of Crazy Larry’s after I moved to Chelsea when I was 18!

Favourite shops?

Collier Bristow on the Kings Road is a great new boutique with clothes for men and women in bold colours and prints and luxury fabrics.

Best place to relax?

The South Kensington Club is a great place to relax, it is beautifully decorated and offers so much.

 Best place to have fun?

Albert’s, obviously, however I am also partial to a night out at Raffles!

Best meal?

I have to say Albert’s. Our steak tartare is the best in London.

Favourite pub?

Goat Chelsea, a lovely venue ran by a lovely couple.

Is there a local hero you’d like to mention?!

Carlo Carello, my business partner, he would be devastated if I didn’t mention him!

Any local secrets/gems?

I enjoy the bar at Blakes, always a lot of fun.

Favourite Chelsea story/anecdote?

I think mine are all too adult for this publication…

The local ‘thing’ that makes you smile?!

The local man who walks down the Fulham Road with a parrot on his shoulder always raises a smile!