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Following her hugely successful workshop in August, Artist Maya Mitten is bringing her inspiring collage workshop back to the Saatchi Gallery on Saturday 5th March.


Maya Mitten is a freestyle collage artist who uses her medium to create surrealist landscapes and snapshots of stories yet to be told – always with warmth and humour. Her work has somewhat of a cult following and her unique style is recognised internationally with much of her work displaying her trademark love for sound system culture. In this workshop session you will be guided through the process Maya Mitten uses to create her pieces, and be provided with tips, techniques and ideas on how to develop your own collage. All materials and equipment are provided. You’ll leave this session inspired and never able to look at a magazine in the same way again!

Date: Saturday 5th March
Time: 10:30am-5:00pm
Price: £30 / Book Now
Age group: 16+
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room



Saturday 13th February

Sculpture/Assemblage with Artist Teresa Paiva


Join artist Teresa Paiva in creating relief sculptures inspired by Champagne Life Artist Maha Malluh. Using detritus of food and drink packaging collected from around London and at the gallery, participants will create their own work by assembling these found ‘artefacts’ in multiple compositions. On the threshold between fossils and artefacts, these hint to aspects of consumerism in contemporary living and the re-valuation of such materials.

Date: Saturday 13th February
Time: 1pm-4pm
Price: £15 p/person / Book Now
Age group: 12 to 16
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room




Saturday 6th February & Sunday 7th February

Doodle Nest, the company that transforms children’s art into museum style coffee table books, is hosting a collaborative art event at the Saatchi Gallery which will result in an art installation created entirely by children.

This family focussed event will enable children to transform their own white cube into a unique work of art that will then become part of an installation to be displayed at the gallery.

Starting on Saturday 6th February through to Sunday 7th February, all children will be welcome to come to the gallery to get doodling!

Doodle Nest has been transforming children’s messy art portfolios into beautiful, premium coffee table books, for two years. The company ensures that treasured artwork is taken out of the attic and put pride of place in the home. An ideal present too for family, the Doodle Nest team can produce other materials such personalised art cards and sleek framed art collages.

Doodle Cube Workshop
Date: Sat 6th – Sun 7th Feb
Time: 11am – 4pm
Age group: Families
Where: Saatchi Gallery, Education Room

Exhibition: Wed 10th February – Thursday 18th February